Our Community Card program is currently suspended, please check back in August 2021!

Thank you for your interest in Sonic Drive-In’s Community First Value Card Program, a Nationwide program, in which store participation is voluntary and at the discretion of each Sonic Franchise.

Below is information regarding our Sonic Franchise’s participation, with regard to the communities we serve in the Texas Panhandle and scattered through western Oklahoma, with a full list of those communities found here. If you are not located in one of these communities, your local Sonic Drive-In will be your point of contact to inquire about their fundraising opportunities, or you can call our industry operator at 1-800-569-6656 and they can get you in contact with your local Franchise Office.

Sonic Drive Community Card Program:

Sonic Drive-In’s Community First Value Card Program is designed to offer fundraising opportunities for non-profit groups of 50 or less.

Our franchise group donates the Community First Cards to your organization for your members to sell for $5.00 each, and your organization keeps 100% of the funds raised.

For example, if we donated 100 community cards to your organization and you sold all of them for $5.00 each, your organization would be the recipient of $500!

This program is at NO COST to you. Each card has a value of $25.00 in savings at our local Sonic Drive-In locations, of which we can offer participation at our franchise locations found here.

To be eligible to participate please complete our Request Form.