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    Teacher Appreciation Amount Requested

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    Please read the following rules and once finished, please mark that you have read and understand them.
    - Certificates are available for use to qualifying schools in the in the cities and communities our franchise operates in, and can be redeemed at any participating location.
    - All certificates are for student use as rewards and incentives, except for the "You are the Best Teacher" certificate which can be used to reward teachers, staff and other educators in your school.
    - All requests are subject to verification and requested amounts may differ from amounts provided as the following factors are taken into account for each request: number of requests made per semester, amount already requested per semester, other requests made by educators in your school.
    - Certificates may not be duplicated, reused, or used for programs other than what has been approved by the Sonic Amarillo office.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Thank you!